Annual Review of Plant Pathology

Annual Review of Plant Pathology

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Editor-in-Chief: Durgadas P. Kasbekar


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Months of Publishing : June

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Bishwanath Chakraborty

Professor, Immuno-Phytopathology Laboratory
Department of Botany, University of North Bengal
Siliguri – 734 013, West Bengal


Usha Chakraborty

Professor, Plant Biochemistry Laboratory
Department of Botany, University of North Bengal
Siliguri – 734 013, West Bengal

Table Of Content

Synthetic Reviews

A Bird’s Eye-View of Molecular Chaperones and Some Facets of The Heat Shock Response of Neurospora Crassa

( M. Kapoor , S. S. Roy )

Harnessing The Power of Metabolomics to Improve Crop Tolerance Against Stress

( Amanda J. Lloyed , Bishwanath Chakraborty , Kapuganti J. Gupta , Luis A.J. Mur , Usha Chakraborty )

Current Understanding on Plant R-Genes/Proteins and Mechanisms of Defense Responses Against Biotic Stresses

( Amita Pal , Jolly Basak , Soumitra Maiti )

Host-Pathogen Interaction, Diagnosis and Management of Tobacco Mosaic Virus And Tomato Mosaic Virus Infecting Pepper And Tomato

( A.C. Udayashankar , H.S. Prakash , K.N. Madhusudhan )

Trehalose, An Anti-Stress Disaccharide Protecting Life-Forms In Adverse Conditions

( Anil K. Ghosh , Bipasha Basistha , Sumita Ghosh )

Molecular Understanding of Red Rot Resistance In Sugarcane Through Genomics And Proteomics

( A. Ramesh Sundar , M. Muthumeena , M. Sathyabhama , P. Malathi , P.R. Rahul , R. Viswanathan , V. Ganesh Kumar )

Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria : Diversity, Mechanisms of Action And Perspectives In Agriculture

( A.P. Chakraborty , B.N. Chakraborty , K. Sunar , P.L. Dey , U. Chakraborty )

Actinomycetes: Diversity, Distribution, Economic Importance And Their Role In Plant Protection

( M. Krishnaraj , N. Mathivanan , V.R. Prabavathy )

Endophytic Fungi as Potential Sources of Bioactive Natural Products: Prospects And Challenges

( D.K Jha , K. Tayung )

Molecular Interactions Among Partners of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis

( B. Giri , E. Sharma , R. Kapoor , S. Pal )

Trichoderma Virens- An Old Warhorse In The Battle Against Plant Pathogens

( Amar N. Mukhopadhyay , Mala Mukherjee , Prasun K. Mukherjee )

The Plant Destroyer Genus Phytophthora In The 21st Century

( N.J. Grünwald , S. Guha Roy )

A Polyphasic Approach Based on Morphological, Molecular And Secondary Metabolite Profiles For Resolving Taxonomic Complexities In Alternaria

( P. Chowdappa )

Foliar Blight: The Major Biotic Constraint of Wheat In Rice Wheat Systems of Eastern Gangetic Plains

( A.K. Chowdhury , Gyanendra Singh , P.M. Bhattacharya )

Epidemiology And Management of Leaf Blight And Fruit Rot of Bell Pepper

( Kumud Jarial , S.K. Gupta )

Non-Target Effects of Fungicides

( Anju Bala , Mandeep Hunjan , Ratinderbir Kaur , Sandeep Raheja , Sanjay Goswami , T.S. Thind )

Mycotoxins And Mycotoxicoses – An Overview

( A.K. Roy , N.L. Mandal , Sweta Roy )

Fossil Epiphyllous Fungi As Potential Palaeoenvironment Indicator: A Review

( Arkamitra Mandal , Subir Bera )

Parasitic Angiosperms And Biology of Cuscuta Species– An Overview

( Vijayata Kapoor , Yash Pal Sharma )