Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany

Year : 2018 Volume : 41 Issue : 3-4

Page No : 108-116

ISSN : 0250-9768

EISSN : Coming Soon

3. Pharmacognostic Studies on Indigofera trita (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae)

J. Aranganayaki , G. Jayanthi


Indigofera trita L.f. is one of the medicinally important plants of Leguminosae. The present work establishes the pharmacognostic standard on I. trita, through macroscopic and microscopic characters of leaf, petiole, stem, root and powder analysis. The presence of collateral vascular bundles and shield-like trichomes in the lamina, presence of amphistomatic stomata, guard cells with short, sharp horn-shaped ridges and druses in the pith were found. Powder microscopy brings out typical epidermal trichomes, vein endings, libriform fibres, sclereids and vessel elements which can help to identify the crude drug in powder form.


Pharmacognostic studies; Medicinal herb; Indigofera trita.