Journal Publishing

The scholarly publishing landscape is changing faster than ever. Author expectations, open access policies, research funding mandates, and the transition from print to digital publishing are just a few aspects of the scholarly publishing industry that are shifting rapidly. Our publishing team aims to navigate these challenges and position journals for future growth.

What we do: we’ll manage the marketing, licensing and production of the journal while you maintain full copyright ownership and editorial control. Let us handle the day-to-day details so you’re free to focus on the content that makes your journal unique.

Journal Proposal Form

The general guidelines for submitting manuscripts to journals could be found on journal's home page. If you are still not able to find the desired information, please email us at

Advantages of digitization of your journal

  • Reduces the cost of distribution 
  • Presents material in a wide range of formats, enabling readers to use it more effectively
  • Provides new ways of accessing historical data – archives can be found at the click of mouse
  • Enables publishers to compile more accurate statistics on usage patterns and user bases, helping them to tailor their products to the market
  • Enables more effective searching
  • Increases access for users in the developing world, by making articles available online 

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Manuscript coordination and issue planning

Upon arrival of your manuscripts our team quality-checks manuscripts, a preliminary screening will be conducted before sending it to the editorial board, contact potential reviewers, issue e-mail reminders to late reviewers, authors, and associate editors, and correspond with authors, editors, and others involved in process and procedural issues. As the issue progresses downstream, attention turns from initiating production to fine-tuning and preparing content for its final destination to print or online. Then our team oversees the distribution of PDF proofs to authors and editors, receive and review corrected proofs, and incorporate all revisions into the final set of proofs.

Quick Communication

Communication is the key to any successful organization. Timely correspondence with authors and the editor will keep your publication on schedule. Responses to e-mail and written inquiries regarding status of articles, figures, or corrections in process will keep you in the loop and assist you in planning your deadlines.

Online Publishing

BioScience Press will host the journal online at the platform, ideal for scholarly publications.

  • Hosts full-text XML and PDF files for journals
  • Supports supplemental data, including multimedia files
  • Multiple publication models, including continuous publication
  • Mobile optimized version available
  • Various access control options can be implemented at article-level
  • Uses standard protocols like usernames and passwords for individuals and IP ranges for institutions

Advance Article Publication

Journal articles accepted for publication may be published online as a preprint for visibility and citation. Accepted Manuscript allows a journal to post metadata collected during the submission process and a PDF version of the article right after acceptance. Early Release offers the flexibility to decide at what in the production cycle an article is ready for release. Article metadata and a PDF version may be published ahead of the final article.

Typesetting & Layout

Our adaptive workflows handle content accurately and efficiently for a wide variety publishers. Receive PDF proofs at the article level with a variety of delivery options to authors and editors.

Journal Design & Layout

Our team creates, highly readable journal and publication designs to make your content come alive to readers, both in print and online.

Image Processing

Our experienced designers analyze and prepare files to ensure the reproduction quality you expect.

Data conversion

  • Conversion of hard copy and electronic files to any suitable format for the web viz PDF, XML and HTML
  • Capture of header files for the online publications in any mark-up language (SGML, XML, HTML)
  • Data capture
  • DTD creation
  • Keying / coding
  • Scanning and digitization

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Open Access

Our main objective is to provide a means for new and developing journals, to gain enhanced international readership and exposure by Open Access Journals online. Designed to lower the entry barrier to electronic publishing for journals without the necessary infrastructure.

Looking for…?

If you know what you're looking for, use the search to locate the relevant articles you want. You can search by

  • Title Name
  • Author name
  • ISSN 
  • Keywords

Titles selected from our database may be easily accessible by you once the payment for subscription is made. This will not only bring about instant identification of title(s) but will facilitate its speedy processing as well. Thereafter you will be provided a unique user ID and password for accessing the journal you had subscribed for.

If a title that you are looking for is not found in our database, please put in an enquiry giving us its details. We promptly handle such requests.

BioScience Press solution gives you the freedom to create your own online presence, build your online presence and benefit from:

New ways to enhance your content online:

  • Fast track your publication by publishing articles online before the full issue is ready for publication. Enabling research to be distributed in the research community. Take advantage of the Fast Track service to give your readers access to the latest thinking pre-publication.
  • Protect your valuable content by watermarking to ensure your copyright information is visible when downloaded or printed.

Global distribution of your content:

  • Ensure that your publications are accessible to the widest global audience by disseminating your content via the BioScience Press

Enhancing your service, offers a range of enhancements to the standard online publications package, helping you to maximize the impact of your content online.

Understanding Publishers’ challenges


  • To choose PDF as the delivery format of book contents while using SGML (or XML) for maintaining structure. 
  • To implement a set of features to make the online delivery easy and engaging. 

Why select PDF - SGML (or XML) combination?  

Already widely used within the publishing industry, for proofing and prepress, the popular ‘Acrobat’ document format is proving to be ideally suited for online delivery of literary works. Acrobat provides faithful rendition of text, font, color and images, both in Latinized and double-byte languages.

The Need for Structure and Adaptability

It's clear that PDF is the best way to preserve an electronic description of the visual appearance of a page, SGML (or XML) is the best way to describe the structure and meaning of its content. 

As the number or complexity of their electronic publications grows, publishers need a way to organize and manage them. Because of its powerful and flexible structuring capabilities, as well as its capacity to capture and organize information about the publications ("metadata"), SGML is an effective solution. Even if readers want PDF as an end product, they need SGML (or HTML or XML) to find what they want.  


For reprints, we utilize digital printing technology to provide high-quality reproduction and to minimize author costs. Each reprint order is prepared specifically for the author, containing the author’s original article only. Using an online e-commerce system, authors can order high-quality reprints and ePrints (PDF files) anytime from the publisher’s custom-branded web portal. We invite you to explore our services in more depth. Using list optimization technology and other techniques, we keep postal charges as low as possible for our customers and expedite the delivery of your publication to readers.

BioScience Press is interested in acquisitions of new journals or takeover established journal in the fields of scientific and technical interests. If you are interested in starting a new journal in any fields of science, engineering, and medicine then please download and email your Journal Proposal Form or contact us directly either by phone or email at

We offer services to the following publishing segments:

  • STM journals and periodicals
  • Serial publications
  • Reference manuals/ encyclopedias/ dictionaries
  • Conference proceedings