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About Journal:

Lot of research efforts for meeting requirements of the farmers for sustaining their livelihood security, reducing malnutrition and taming global warming are being carried out world over. A number of institutions including ICAR based institutes, State & Central agricultural Universities and many NGOs are involved in developing need based and location specific technologies. However, still large gaps persist on technology benefits between research farms and actual farm fields. The technologies sometimes, are sophisticated and farmers are under skilled. The matching of both is needed. In other words required research technologies are still at large of the farmers. Even though, large number of extension agencies are available in India, yet results on real farms are not reaching appreciably. In view of this, present magazine is being brought out. 

About Society:

The Indian Arid Legumes Society was founded, during National Network Research Project on Arid Legumes Workers Annual Workshop held at S.D. Agricultural University, S.K. Nagar, Gujarat on 14-15 May, 2000. Dr. N.B. Singh, the then ADG (O&P), ICAR, New Delhi, floated the idea of forming a Society of Arid Legumes scientists, at the Plenary Session of the work- shop on 15 May 2000. After marathan discussion, participants of the workshop unanimously concented the idea, consequently a collection of Rs. 3400 was made from 34 scientists. The participants elected Dr. N.B. Singh Founder President of the Society. The President in turn elected Dr. D. Kumar, P.C. of the Project as Founder Secretary. Thereafter, Mr. A. Henry and Dr. B.K. Garg were elected as the Founder Editor and Treasure of the proposed society, respectively. Secretary was authorized for initiating rest of the activities of the society. The society named as Indian Arid Legumes Society was registered on 22 March, 2001 at Jodhpur, with registration No. 280/2000-01. The account of society was opened on 9 February, 2002 in SBI, CAZRI Extension, Jodhpur. Since then, the society has gained strength and momentum with the strong support of scientific community across the country.

Aims and Objectives:

1. To promote research and developmental activities of arid legumes

2. To provide and encourage introduction amongst the researchers and developmental officials engaged with over all development of their legumes. 

3. To organize or sponsor seminars/symposia/lectures/workshop on the matter of interest and relevance to the workers of these crops. 

4. To bring out periodically the journals/bulletins/transactions/proceedings dealing with research and developmental activities.


D. Kumar

Secreatory (Jodhpur)



S.K. Singh (Jodhpur)



S.K. Chaturvedi (Jhansi)

Vice President


S.B.S. Tikka (S.K. Nagar)



A.B. Rodge (Parbhani)

Jt. Secretary


N.D. Yadav (Bikaner)



B.K. Garg (Jodhpur)

Business Manager


S.P. Vyas (Jodhpur)

Editor: R.K. Kakani (Jodhpur)

Hindi Unit

English Unit

N.K. Sharma (Bikaner)

D. Kumar (Jodhpur)

J.C. Tiwari (Jodhpur)

O.P. Khedar (Jaipur)

Raju Ram (Osian, Jodhpur)

B.D. Yadav (Bhiwani)

Moin-Uddin-Chisty (Jodhpur)

Mahendra Vyas (Jodhpur)

Rakesh Ramawat (Jodhpur)

Raj Singh (Delhi)

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